Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 3-9, 2020 is Hurricane Preparedness Week. Here are tasks to do this week.

Sunday 5/3/2020

Learn what types of wind and water hazards that could happen in your area. Find out how your community dealt with these hazards in the past.

Monday 5/4/2020

Find out if you live in an evacuation zone. Then find out where you can evacuate to, either a shelter or a friend’s or family member’s home that is not in an evacuation zone. 

Tuesday 5/5/2020

Put together, or supplement your current disaster supplies. Including a first aid kit, non- perishable food, water, medicine, flashlight, batteries and a battery-powered radio.

Wednesday 5/6/2020

Contact your insurance advisor to review your Homeowner’s and Automobile policies to ensure you have enough for repairs or replacements. Make sure your Homeowner’s includes Flood Protection, and your Automobile includes Comprehensive Coverage. 

Thursday 5/7/2020

Make necessary repairs to your home. Purchase new or replace damaged plywood or steel/aluminum panels to protect your home during a storm. Check your garage door to make sure it can withstand winds.

Friday 5/8/2020

Contact your neighbor and get to know them. If you or your neighbors have special needs, you or your neighbors may be able to help before and after a storm. 

Complete a Written Plan

Saturday 5/9/2020

Write down your plan: evacuation route, evacuation destination, insurance information and contact information, supplies you will need to gather just before a storm.  CLICK HERE for a checklist.