Business Insurance

Contrary to a cookie-cutter Insurance Agency, BGS’ approach is to take the time to get to know you better to understand your unique challenges and identify potential gaps and exposures in coverage. Only then can we propose a proper customized risk reduction plan for your business. We will partner with you to work through our logical process called the BGS Risk Advantage.

The process begins with an individual evaluation intended to identify critical issues that could increase your costs and threaten your organization. We then develop a long-range, multi-year Risk Mitigation Plan which is reviewed and modified at specific intervals. Our risk migration programs are developed and executed to help our Client Partners face the evolving exposures and challenges that threaten their organizations.

Q: What's the difference between an Insurance Agent and Advisor?

A: An Insurance Agent sells you an insurance product/policy. BGS has Insurance Advisors who help lower your cost associated with risks, both direct and indirect. The insurance product/policy is only a piece of the overall program and strategy.

Q: Is there an insurance policy that covers all my exposures?

A: Simply, NO! First, not all insurance policies are constructed the same. Most have standard exclusions but different wording and intent. There is no such thing as an All-Risk, All-World policy. This is why it is extremely important to understand the risks your organization faces and what can be transferred contractually or by means of an Insurance Policy.

Our Customized Client Services include the following:

Our comprehensive insurance programs include many of the following types of coverages:


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