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September 2020

WC Florida Historical Rate Changes

Proposed Florida Workers Compensation Rate

July 2020

Not Wearing A Mask = Fine

Florida Schools, Face Coverings, Disney World

Florida Face Coverings, Hiring Procedures

Florida suspends drinking alcohol at bars, and other Florida updates

June 2020

Some visitors to Florida should self-quarantine

Some of Florida’s business are premitted to reopen at 50%

The IRS announced the dollar amount to be used to determine the PCORI fee

When Fear is a Protected Reason to Skip Work

May 2020

Florida: Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Theme Parks

SBA Announces Safe Harbor for PPP Loans Less Than $2M

Florida: Palm Beach County Effective Immediately

Florida Safety Precautions

April 2020

Florida Small Business Loan

March 2020

Workplace Protection Against Coronavirus

February 2020

Gray Area HR Issues

2020 State-by-State Minimum Wages

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (English)

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish)

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (Creole)

January 2020

The Super Bowl and How It Can Affect Your Organization

5 Recent NLRB Decisions

State-by-State 2020 Minimum Wages

December 2019

2019’s Top HR Issues

Status of Workplace Non-Competes

November 2019

Erisa Doc

Florida Hotel Panic Device

Top 10 OSHA Cited Violations in 2019

October 2019

Florida Minimum Way Effective January 1, 2020

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (English) (Effective January 1, 2020)

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (Spanish) (Effective January 1, 2020)

Florida Minimum Wage Poster (Creole) (Effective January 1, 2020)

Florida Unemployment Compensation Benefits Poster (English)

Florida Unemployment Compensation Benefits Poster (Spanish)

Taking a Look at HR Self-Help Tools

September 2019

Upcoming 2020 HR-related changes for businesses throughout the country

Department of Labor on overtime rules

Individual health care mandate & enforcement

August 2019

ACA Penalty Letters

Employer obligations when dealing with an employee that has anxiety and depression issues

July 2019

Performance Evaluation Biases

June 2019

Changes in Employee Status

Medical Marijuana in the Construction Industry

Social Media Rights

Florida Electronic Cigarettes

Department of Labor Updates Regulatory Agenda

Updated PCORI Fees 2019

May 2019

PCORI Fees Due July 31 2019

EEO-1 report due on May 31st, 2019. Payroll data required from 2017 and 2018 for Component 2

Flexible Working Policies, Considerations & Implementation. 6 Critical HR Rules

April 2019

Personal Appearance Policies in the Workplace and What You Must Know

U.S. Labor Secretary Says Jobsite Inspections to Increase. The Cannabis Industry & Federal Compliance Keys to Satisfying the Government.

March 2019

State-mandated Harassment training and what it could mean to your organization

AI Impacts HR and BYOD Policies

New DOL Rules on Wage & Overtime

HIPAA and what employers need to be aware of

February 2019

The “Psychological Contract”. What is it, anyways?

2019 Minimum Wage Requirements

January 2019

Job Descriptions and what to consider when creating one

November 2018

OSHA Top Safety Violations

October 2018

The #metoo movement and how it has impacted the workplace.